Tracking your debtors

We know that keeping track of outstanding debts is vital for the long term success of your business.  Recovering what is owed is not always a simple business.  You don’t want to lose a client – you just want to work out a payment solution that suits you both.

Part of the solution is to monitor your accounts properly so that you always know which payments are clost to due date.  We know that most small businesses don’t have time to monitor their accounts receivable or to track down disappearing debtors.  That’s were we come in.

We act as your debt managers and debt collectors.

We take care of everything from issuing letters of demand through to negotiation of payment arrangements and, if needed, to managing the collection of the debt.

We are contracted by you to work as part of your team so your clients never have to know that anyone else is involved.  We strive to preserve the relationship between you and your client so that once the payment issue is resolved, work can continue as normal.

Contact us today to discuss the best debt management solution for you.

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