Accounts Receivable Management
Debt Collection
Management of Debtors


  • Focus is on keeping the customer while collecting the debt.
  • Maintaining a professional approach at all times.
  • Complete Accounts Receivable function if required.
  • All collection calls. (Making sure correct people are contacted).
  • Follow up calls if promises not adhered to.
  • Arrange payment plans (where necessary and followed up with debtor in writing/email).
  • Notes and contacts will be available if required for each debtor.
  • Complete reporting back to client weekly or as required.
  • Any issues or problems will be communicated with the client at all times.
  • Mercantile agency on board for legal work if required, all referred accounts will be very closely monitored to ensure costs are not unreasonable and expenditure is balanced with debt outstanding.
  • Check all new credit applications if required, chasing up trade references and doing all appropriate entity checks.


Extra Services offered (Fees will be quoted depending on requirement)

  • Staff coaching/training in basic debtor’s collection and functions.
  • Health check of debtor’s procedures and policies.
  • Handle either overload of accounts receivable area in peak times or handle during illness or holidays.
  • Help with your Terms and Conditions and Credit Application.


Work can be done from clients premises but this is not necessary.

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