About Us

About Active Collections.

We believe that you are entitled to be paid for the work you do.  We believe that most people genuinely intend to pay you but that sometimes they find themselves in a bit of a financial mess.

You know what it’s like.  They haven’t been paid so they can’t pay you and you can’t pay your own invoices.  It’s like a sequence of  dominoes: it only takes one to fall and the rest go, too.

We stop the toppling of the dominoes by stepping in to work with you and your client to find the best way to recover the debt.  We negotiate with each client on a one-to-one basis and do our utmost to maintain an excellent relationship between you.

I’m Cheryl Mackay.

I am the director of Active Collections.

I have been a Credit Manager for many years, working with some very high profile corporate companies as well as smaller family businesses. I have a proven track record and my clients already are extremely happy with the results I have achieved for them. Think of me as your VIRTUAL Credit Manager.

If you don’t have the time or a team to collect money on your behalf, I will do it for you.  If you have the staff, I will train them to become your own in-house debt management and collection team.

With me to support your business, you know that you can concentrate on your business, doing what you are best at, leaving the often difficult task of following up accounts to the Active Collections team.

We care about the success of your business and won’t let unrecovered debts hold you back.

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