How we work

About Active Collections.

At Active Collections we care for all facets of a client’s recovery needs.

We are well aware of how your customers will react if they feel they have been placed into the hands of a “debtor collector”, and for this reason all contacts are made as your “Credit Manager”, which is what we are for all our clients.

Most successful large businesses have a credit department, and one of their major responsibilities to is to protect their company’s largest assets- their debtors and their customers.

Active collections enable you to have your own credit manager, therefore giving depth and professionalism to your business. You and your staff are then free to do what you are all experts at, while being relieved of the burden of getting your funds in.

Why use us?

It is much easier for us to handle your debt collection.  Because it is your money you are chasing, you may be too personally attached or easily angered and frustrated.  Also, time is not always available to make the many calls that may be required to speak with the person who can ultimately arrange the payment.

We endeavour to make contact with your debtors personally and we are able to provide our clients with accurate feedback and advice on how best to handle each situation. Each debtor is different, as are most businesses, and we try to handle each recovery with a sensible and flexible approach. In all cases we are aware that the recovery must be relative to the debt.

We keep all contact friendly and professional and understand that sometimes your debtors reason for not paying may be because they have an issue with some aspect of the service or goods.  We will also get to the bottom of these so that we can eliminate the reason for non-payment. We are very experienced at recognising when such road blocks do not actually exist.

Professional support.

Our priority is to get your funds paid as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Sometimes this can only happen if things are taken further. We work in partnership with a well-established mercantile agency and team of solicitors, should this be required. Together with our advisors, we contine to manage this process.

All costs relating to any legal matters are charged to scale and most of these costs are recoverable from the debtor.

We will check your trading terms and conditions to make sure you are able to charge interest and basic recovery charges where applicable should the debt not go as far as legal.

At Active Collections we can handle your business collections nationwide just as some of our clients are located either in country, regional or interstate.




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